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Unlike other online dating websites SN Direct Dating provides you the unique opportunity to choose and meet from a wider selections and photos of many attractive women with the assurance and the knowledge that you are the only person supplied with their photos and details of those ladies each time.

You will not be competing with 1000s of other men for the same girls as in the other online dating web sites. This means that you are the only gentleman supplied with details and photos of the ladies at any given time. This therefore leads to a very quick and good result for you.

This is the reason we give our members the guarantee that if they do not find the right relationship within one month SN Direct Dating will give you, completely free of charge, membership for three months and actively provide you with one-to-one help to ensure that you meet that very special lady.

At SN Direct Dating you have access to 1000s of ladies from various backgrounds and countries all living throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

You are spoiled for choice with:

u English Ladies
South American Latin ladies
u Scandinavians ladies
u Asian and Oriental ladies
u European ladies
u Including black women and North American women

* All living throughout The United Kingdom


You just tell us what you are looking for and we will email to you immediately five profiles with photos of the ladies matching your requirements. You are then required to choose only two ladies from among the five. Those ladies you did not choose will then be reassembled and forwarded on to other members who may like them.


For only a small one off membership fee of 14.95 each month. Plus 4.95 each week you will receive on a weekly basis specially selected ladies for you, that no one else have access to.  You choose the two ladies that most appeal to you. You will then receive via email from us their direct contact information.

We also notify those women that you are interested in them so that they expect your call and/or email.

SN Direct Dating efforts and help does not end there, again, unlike other online dating websites, once you chose two ladies from among the five emailed to you every week, we will actively organise and facilitate the first meeting between you and those ladies at a safe neutral venue and on a day most convenient for both. This only takes place if either of you requested it, otherwise you could organise the meeting yourselves.

Quite often, however, most ladies tend to feel more confident and secure to meet with the man when we are involved in facilitating the meeting.

If you are ready to start your membership and to discover why SN Direct Dating works for you much better, than other online dating sites, please complete the form below and click the submit button to send it back to us.





First, please tell us a little about yourself


First  Name












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Marital Status:




Now tell us a bit about the ladies you would like to meet


Age range

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English Women        Please select all that  


Asian women in the UK      apply  
    Oriental women in the UK  
    European women in the UK  
    Scandinavian women in the UK  
    South American Latin women in the UK  
    Black women and US women in the UK  

I like

Curvy women Please select all that apply  


Slender women  
    Medium Women    
    Not fussed    

I like

Tall Women Please select all that apply  


Short Women    


Average height women    


Not fussed    



I like

Pretty Women    
    Looks not important    

If you wish please use this box to tell us a little more of the type of women you wish to meet.



Payment Options


Option 1

I would like to pay my one off monthly membership fee of 14.95 plus my weekly maintenance charge of 4.95 by credit/debit card

    My phone number is........................
Please call me for my credit card details

Enter your phone number here

Option 2

I will phone you on the following number to make my payment. Tel: 020 7224 1443

Please let us know which option you have chosen for your payment, if you have chosen "Option 1" please ensure we have your phone number above.

Please select Option 1
Option 2

When you have completed the form please click the submit button and your information will be sent to us. Once you have made your payment, we will process your membership immediately and you will begin to enjoy the full service we provide to you as a member.


If you have submitted the form to us we will now  email to you your first selections of five photos and profiles matching you requirement. This will follow by five more batches to you every Friday starting from today.

Our objective is to help you meet and get to know many attractive friendly and loyal honest women living in the United Kingdom.

You are required to only chose two ladies out of the five and email your choice back to us together with those you did not select. We will inform the two you have selected and give you their direct phone numbers and/or email addresses and if you wish, help facilitating your first meetings.

SN Direct Dating.


















Contact Details

020 7224 1443

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